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This list is up to date to the best of our ability. Plans are likely to change throughout the week. We will attempt to update this list as new information arrives, but it’s common for surprises to happen throughout the race.

Updated: 7/14/22

TLDR Version – One full oil barge will be headed upstream Friday morning through the whole race course. Other tows working locally (sand dredges with work tows or rock barges) will continue as normal during daylight hours.


Possible Transiting Barges

These are towboats with barges hauling freight long distances, i.e. from Kansas City to St. Louis. Moving products such as cement, oil, fertilizer or grain.


NEW UPDATE!!!! The Mr. Lampton asphalt oil barge parked at MM 25 Thursday afternoon and will be moving upstream through the race starting Friday morning. The barge will be full and pushing upstream so will likely create a pretty intense wake. You’ll want to get over on the bank or at least behind a wing dike on the off-channel side for this one.


Near end of week may be two boats with equipment headed upstream from St. Louis to MM 178. Justin B. and another. We have been unable to confirm this with the company.


Jamie Lee is no longer scheduled to move downstream through the race.


JA Ward may be headed upstream during the week. (Looking more unlikely)


Melba Engemann will no longer be moving downstream through the race.


Work and Sand Barges moving locally

These include towboats with barges moving sand from a dredge moored in the river to a sand plant on shore or moving rock from a loading facility on shore to a work site on the river.

MM367 – Massmann Construction. Many work barges at Broadway/Buck O’Neal Bridge on the left side. Will not move until race is past. RACERS MUST STAY TO THE RIGHT IN THE CHANNEL. THERE IS NO WAY THROUGH THE BARGES ON THE LEFT.

MM366 – Newt Marine – One tow with two barges working on old railroad bridge. Will cease operations until race is past. Towboat: Capt. Strief

MM 355 – Missouri River Towing – One Fleet boat tied up at Sugar Creek. Plans on ceasing operations during race. Towboat: Ava Hadley

MM 348 – Holliday Sand – four tows working between dredge at MM348 and sand plant at 360. Plans on ceasing operations during race. Towboats: Dakota, Fairfax, John Walker & Sibley. Dredge: Riverside.

MM 344-333 – W.A. Ellis Construction – three boats working between 344 and 333. Planning on finishing work Tuesday morning and not operating until race has passed. Towboats: Daisy Bell, Johanna, Sonny K.

MM 317.2 – Capital Sand – Planning on moving dredge from 334 to 317.2 on Monday. No operations until race passes. Towboats: Leslie Ann, Elizabeth Anne. Dredge: Sandy Kay.

MM 317 to 280 – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Planning on stopping operations during the race on Tuesday. Three barges moving between loading facility at 317 (Lexington ramp) and MM280. Towboats: Junbo, Stephenson II.

MM 190.5 to 186 – Capital Sand – One tow moving between dredge at 190.5 and sand plant at 186 (Rocheport). Towboat: Allison Marie. Dredge: Rae Marie.

MM 185 – Lunda Construction – Several tows and barges at I-70 Rocheport Bridge construction. Will be out of the channel. Boats should be on the right. Channel is to the left. Stay away from bridge pilings. New pilings are next to old pilings. Towboat: Emery Jaxon.

MM 196 to 178 – Midwest Construction – One tow moored off channel. Possibly a rock barge moving between 196 and 178. Towboat: Jenny Jon.

MM 150 to 143 – Capital Sand – One tow moving between dredge at 150 and sand plant at 143. Checkpoint is at 144. Towboat: Marge 1. Dredge: Kathy Lee.

MM 138 to 134 – Newt Marine – One tow moving rock between loading facility at 138 to worksite at 134.

MM 97 – Hermann Sand & Gravel – One towboat moving between dredge and sand plant. Towboat: Kathryn Ann. Dredge: 501.

MM 66 to 65 – Gateway Dredging – One towboat moving between dredge and sand plant. Towboat Terry Bangert. Dredge: Crystal City.

MM 30 to 28 – Gateway Dredging – One towboat moving between dredge and sand plant. Dredge is on right bank just above the I-70 Bridge. This dredge may move downstream past finish line before first paddlers arrive. Towboat: Patricia Lynn. Dredge: St. Charles.

MM 37 to 8 – Newt Marine – Two towboats with rock barges moving throughout the week between work site at MM 37 to loading facility at MM 8. Towboats: Tigre & Capt. Ries.