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Registration will open 8am on New Year’s Day!

Solo – $50 entry plus $200 tax-deductible donation to Missouri River Relief.

Multi-Person Boats – each paddler pays $50 entry PLUS $200 tax-deductible donation to Missouri River Relief (each paddler registers individually and each must pay a total of $250)

Fundraising link will be available for your use upon sign up.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the 18th Annual (2023) MR340?

There are 3 full moon weeks targeted for the race.

Primary date is Aug. 1-4 (race check-in July 31)

Secondary date is Aug. 29 – Sept. 1 (race check-in August 28)

Tertiary date is September 26-29 (race check-in September 25)


Who is Missouri River Relief?  

Missouri River Relief is the nonprofit organization that hosts the MR340. It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year. MRR is dedicated to connecting people to the Missouri River through powerful experiences. We host river clean-ups, diverse education programs and recreation events. We’ve been doing it for 20 years and we’re gaining steam! Find out more at our website riverrelief.org


How does the fundraising work?

When you register for the race a $50 fee is required.  There is an additional requirement to raise a minimum of $200 for Missouri River Relief.  A fundraising page will be automatically created for you to share if you wish.  It’s very easy for friends or family to make a tax deductible donation to River Relief towards your goal.  Whatever amount you haven’t raised by April 1st will be charged to your card. If you register after April 1 the full $250 will be required upon registration.

If you exceed the $200 there are prizes available from our sponsors at various levels.


What if the race gets postponed?

It’s possible the race could be postponed due to flooding or other issues of safety.  This has happened 4 times in the previous 15 races.  The 3 dates are hopefully adequate for the race to be held safely.  If there is a year where it is unsafe to race all the available dates, there will be no 340 that year.

If that’s the case your entire entry fee becomes a tax-deductible donation.  A donation receipt will be emailed for the full amount.


How fast does the race sell out? Is there a waiting list?

The race sells out every year.  It’s hard to predict.  The 7am solo start sells out first at around 350 boats.  The 8am start usually fills up slower for the tandem and larger boats.  Yes, we plan to have a waiting list.  Reach out to racing@riverrelief.org with your questions.


Are there refunds?

No, there are no refunds.  This is the major fundraising event for Missouri River Relief.  River Relief has employees and many fixed cost obligations that rely totally on fundraising.  Their budget depends on a consistent, reliable fundraising model.  A no refund policy is consistent with most races that support a non-profit organization.


How can my company sponsor the race?

There are many ways to help!  Contact our Development Director Lisa Cole to start a conversation.


What are the fastest finish times?

Updated records are here.